Woman Chases Man 1937

Warner Archive Collection - Nolan charles winninger has frittered away his fortune on one mad scheme after another while his millionaire son, Kenneth McCrea, is quite tight with his fortune. Drafts lady architect Virginia Travis Hopkins to help him extract the funding he needs from his son. Ex-millionaire B. J. It’s like father, unlike son in this screwball comedy reteaming Miriam Hopkins and Joel McCrea.

Kenneth has returned from europe with a complication or two: a fiancée Leona Maricle and her “uncle” Erik Rhodes, who are actually gold-digging grifters. While virginia gets wise to what’s up with Kenneth’s fiancée, she realizes she has no choice but to “fight firewater with firewater. While kenneth ping-pongs between pliable and intractable, Virginia realizes she has fallen for him.

Woman Chases Man 1937 - Unless he’s “tight” on alcohol; then he tries to buy everything in sight! Desperate to save his latest project – a low-income housing development – B. J.

Devil to Pay, The 1930

Warner Archive Collection - Finally returning to the home estate, Willie wins over his father yet again and makes the acquaintance of nouveau riche linoleum heiress Dorothy Hope Loretta Young. Much like its protagonist, played with customary wit and grace by Ronald Colman, this light and airy character romance has charms that are as winning now as when they were freshly minted.

While lord leland frederick kerr, fumes about willie’s latest failure, Willie’s father, Willie buys a dog with his last pounds and rekindles a romance with saucy actress Mary Crayle Myrna Loy. Engaged to a russian nobleman, dorothy is besotted by Willie’s freewheeling ways and soon gives up everything for a life of poverty with Willie.

Devil to Pay, The 1930 - But there’s one condition: Willie must never see Mary again. Lovable rogue willie hale ronald colman has frittered away another fortune in British East Africa, so he auctions off his belongings and returns to England.

Fast and Loose

Universal - When marion abandons her family’s aristocratic lifestyle for humble car mechanic, her parents will do anything to shoot down Cupid’s arrow. Carole lombard, frank morgan and miriam Hopkins star in Fast and Loose, a raucous romantic comedy about a woman who can buy anything she wants. Except love. Marion lenox hopkins is the carefree daughter of one of the wealthiest men on Long Island.

The Gay Bride 1934

Warner Archive Collection - Back in the big city, and sets out on a high-flying honeymoon, Mary secures both prenup and nuptials from Shoots, her financial future seemingly secure. Showgirl mary has her sights set on big-lug mob boss “Shoots” Magiz Nat Pendleton and prods him into popping the question. A wedding-day massacre courtesy of rival racketeers is avoided, thanks to the quick work of Shoot’s bodyguard, “Office Boy” Chester Morris.

With best gal pal mirabelle in tow, mary sets out for a picture-book country wedding to Shoots, joined by his minions Dingle Sam Hardy and Mickey the Greek Leo Carrillo. Mary’s “for better” soon turns to “for worse, ” and she finds herself on the hook for Shoots’ debts. Screwball comedy queen carole lombard stars in this romantic-comedy crime caper about a gold digger with grit determined to make the path to matrimony as crooked as possible.

The Gay Bride 1934 - Good thing there are more mobsters to marry…even if “Office Boy” doesn’t approve.

Richest Girl in the World, The 1934

Warner Archive Collection - After yet another abortive romance caused by the sheer magnitude of her wealth “If only you were the second richest girl, that would have been different…” her ex explains, Dorothy aims to see if she can snag true love sans wealth, so she takes on Sylvia’s identity full-time. Hopkins and wray are a tag-team delight in this fractured fairy-tale romance.

Meanwhile, the married sylvia’s husband, is losing patience with her playing single, Philip Reginald Denny, rich and fancy-free. Miriam hopkins stars as Dorothy Hunter, orphaned by the Titanic and the wealthiest debutante in the world. So secret that she uses her secretary Sylvia Fay Wray as a stand-in.

Richest Girl in the World, The 1934 - So wealthy, in fact, that her whereabouts and appearance are a closely guarded secret. Encountering a seemingly regular joe, tony Joel McCrea, Dorothy may have found her man, but putting Tony to the test places Dorothy in a triangle – with herself.

Honor Among Lovers

Universal - This pre-code hollywood classic features a star-studded supporting cast including Ginger Rogers, Charles Ruggles and Pat O’Brien. An office flirtation turns deadly when secretary Julia Traynor’s Colbert jealous husband Philip Craig Monroe Owsley questions the nature of her relationship with her former boss Jerry Stafford March.

Screen legends claudette colbert and Fredric March star in Honor Among Lovers, an intense romantic drama from trailblazing female director Dorothy Arzner.

Espionage Agent 1939

Warner Archive Collection - Recruited by an assistant secretary of State, Barry goes undercover as a disgraced ex-diplomat, besotted by his Mata Hari wife. While brenda continues to pose as a spy, Barry finds the proof he needs. This action-romance pulls no punches. Warner Bros. Continued its one-studio war against hitler and his minions by following the sensational Confessions of a Nazi Spy with this crackling dramatic thriller starring Joel McCrea and new discovery Brenda Marshall.

Journeying to geneva, barry and brenda put themselves in harm’s way in a desperate bid to uncover the secrets of the Nazi spy ring operating inside the United States. Mccrea plays U. S. After barry discovers that his new bride, has been coerced into acting as an agent for Nazi Germany, refugee Brenda Ballard Marshall, he is expelled from the Foreign Service.

Espionage Agent 1939 - State department diplomat barry Corvall, who becomes a one-man counterspy agency in the dawning days of World War II.

RKO Classic Romances Blu-ray

Kino Lorber - She guarantees that she will get a plant manager Joel McCrea to marry her within four weeks. Preserved by the library of Congress and restored by Lobster Films, these are tearjerkers that will tug every last heartstring. She wins her bet, but gets all the class issues that come with it. The lady refuses is a frank pre-code melodrama about a poor woman on the verge of becoming a prostitute Betty Compson, who is hired by an aristocrat to woo his son away from a gold-digger.

The woman between is a risque romance in which Lili Damita unknowingly enters into an affair with her estranged stepson Lester Vail. Millie is a grand melodrama about a divorce e Helen Twelvetrees who climbs the ranks at a luxe hotel, and whose tattered romantic relationships drive her to a life of independence.

RKO Classic Romances Blu-ray - Kept husbands circles around a bet made by a steel magnate s impish daughter, played by Dorothy Mackaill. He proposes a sham marriage to Bennett to keep his lovers at bay, giving her what she wants in exactly the wrong way. Kino classics and lobster films are proud to present five Pre-Code love stories from RKO Radio Pictures in the RKO CLASSIC ROMANCES collection.

In sin takes a holiday constance Bennett plays a poor secretary in love with her boss a womanizing divorce attorney.

Merrily We Live Blu-ray

Classicflix - Becoming the family's new chauffeur, Rawlins soon proves useful to the Kilbourne's in more ways than one. Mother emily rounds out the clan and may be the most endearingly peculiar of them all, as she doesn't knit or collect stamps as a hobby, but instead takes in "Forgotten Men" intent on rehabilitating them.

That is until the vacationing Wade Rawlins shows up at her doorstep and is mistaken as a tramp. Mcleod horse feathers, topper and received five Oscar nods in all, including for Norbert Brodine's sparkling cinematography and Charles D. Henry, the irascible patriarch, has his patience duly tried by his three impetuous and irreverent children: Geraldine Jerry, Kane and Marion.

Merrily We Live Blu-ray - . However, after her latest protege makes off with the family silver, Emily swears off any do-gooding. A textbook example of screwball comedy, this Hal Roach production was directed by Norman Z. He also quickly grabs the attention of nearly every female about him especially and including Jerry's. Newly transferred and restored.

The kilbourne's are a curious lot. Shrink-wrapped.


Universal Pictures Home Entertainment - Shrink-wrapped. When a beautiful singer colbert falls for a married man Marshall, she begins a journey of romance and heartbreak that takes her from humble village theaters to the dazzling lights of the grandest stage in Paris. Directed by academy award® winner george cukor, this romantic drama features stunning singing performances from Claudette Colbert and a rare dramatic performance from Bert Lahr The Wizard of Oz.

. Claudette colbert and herbert marshall star in Zaza, an unforgettable tale of forbidden love set against the spectacular backdrop of France’s Belle Epoque.

My Past 1931

Warner Archive Collection - Shrink-wrapped. Although he is initially cold toward Doree, Bob is soon seduced by her during a morning swim. Joan blondell also stars in this archetypal pre-Code drama from the cowriter of Night Nurse. There, she makes the acquaintance of his younger, married business partner Bob Byrne Ben Lyon. Sophisticated showgirl doree Macy Bebe Daniels has long enjoyed the attention of wealthy older bachelor John Thornley Lewis Stone.

In town for a show, she accepts an invitation to spend the night aboard his luxury yacht. While john gallantly steps aside for Bob, Connie, Bob’s wife, Natalie Moorhead returns and complicates matters. Roy del ruth Blonde Crazy directs. Ping-ponging between the two men, jaded Doree finds herself facing heartache and a breakdown.

My Past 1931 - Sizzling with the very real sparks flying between soon-to-be-married costars Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon, My Past startles with its raciness even today.