The First Time: A Romance Collection

- She's off limits. And the only woman I want. Those big blue eyes, those sweet pink lips, the cheeks that flush at the slightest provocation. I should stay away. She's my best friend's kid sister. This collection features Dangerous Crush, Sing Your Heart Out, and Dirty Deal. Enjoy over 1, 000 pages of v*rgin heroines and dirty talking alpha heroes.

This collection also includes a special sneak peek of Losing It. But there's no way in hell another guy is going to be her first. Piper is the one woman I can't have. She's off limits. There's no way in hell I'm letting another guy be her first. A sizzling forbidden romance*Dangerous Crush is one of three romances in the v*rgin romance collection The First Time.

The First Time: A Romance Collection - But once i learn she's a v*rgin, I can't help myself.

Strum Your Heart Out Sinful Serenade Book 2

- No matter how much her body begs her to throw herself on his bed, no matter how desperately she wants to rip off his v-neck and rake her hands over his defined torso, Kara is staying just friends with Drew. Until she's not. Until they're kissing and touching and about to do something that will change their friendship forever.

Strum your heart out is a full length, standalone new adult romance with a friends to lovers theme***Sinful Serenade, a new adult romance series, follows the men of rock band Sinful Serenade and the women they love. But her crush isn't quite so manageable with him sweating through his push-ups. Yes, her rock star guitarist best friend Drew Denton is stubborn, guarded, and quick to threaten violence on anyone who hurts her.

Strum Your Heart Out Sinful Serenade Book 2 - Not if she wants to keep her secrets. Moving in with your sexy, tattooed rock star best friend? No problem. He's also trustworthy, protective, and several degrees hotter than the sun. When kara gets kicked out of her apartment, Drew insists she move in with him. Not if you're ready to give up eating, breathing, and sleeping.

. College senior kara Kendrick is not about to let lust ruin a good friendship.

Losing It Inked Hearts Book 6

- Come see why readers say "no one writes broken bad boys like Crystal Kaswell. ". I can't believe I'm even writing it. But, god, i really, really do want to study under you. Is that too formal?how am I supposed to phrase this?Wes, please, teach me how to love. I promise I'll study hard. I'm an excellent student. And, well, i'm pretty sure I don't need to spell out why this is win/win.

Quinnlosing it is a is a standalone first time romance with the perfect mix of heat, humor, and emotion. Just you. There's no way I'm ever sending this. Sure, a lot of that was your gorgeous blue eyes and your charming smile. The strong arms and the tattooed torso don't hurt either. I swear, i don't have a thing for bad boys.

Losing It Inked Hearts Book 6 - Dear wes, let's skip pleasantries. I'm not going to med school a v*rgin. I want to learn everything, and I want you to teach me. I've looked at all the men in my life, made a list of pros and cons, found you the most suitable.

Rock Your Heart Out Sinful Serenade Book 3

- Each book can be read as a standalone. Sing your heart Out - Miles - amzn. Com/dp/b01685y1x2strum your Heart Out - Drew - amzn. Com/dp/b0184bhnis rock your Heart Out - Tom - amzn. Com/dp/b01crd1xfs play your Heart Out - Pete - amzn. Com/dp/b01g29u3h2 sinful Ever After - amzn. Com/b01jmgb2c2**this novel contains references to domestic violence**.

Hot as the molten center of the Earth. There's no way the cocky player will ever think of her as more than his friend, or worse, his BFF's little sister. Her only option is joining her brother's band on tour. The man may be a slut but he can control himself. Two months with misbehaved men doesn't sound so bad.

Rock Your Heart Out Sinful Serenade Book 3 - That's it. He's not about to throw away their budding friendship, or his relationship with her overprotective brother, for a good time. Their sizzling sexual chemistry makes this whole platonic thing hard. But there's no way he'll cross the line with the girl he's supposed to protect. Rock your heart out is a full-length, standalone romance set in the Sinful Serenade universe.

Sinful serenade, a new adult romance series, follows the men of rock band Sinful Serenade and the women they love. There's a naked rock star in my hotel room.

Dangerous Rock Dangerous Noise Book 3

- Bella is just the woman to help. Maybe this is crazy. Between his gorgeous green eyes, and his effortless charm, his bright smile, he's the perfect distraction. Bossy drummer Joel Young needs out of his head. The curvy brunette is smart, refined, responsive. Now. Then, he'll get her screaming his name. It's the perfect one night stand.

Until they wake up married. Joel knows they should get a divorce. But bella makes him feel things he's never felt before. She's looking for a little fun. A quick trip to Vegas is just what the doctor ordered. I'm married to a rock star. And i don't even know his last name. Bella chase is in need of a good time. First, he'll make her laugh.

Dangerous Rock Dangerous Noise Book 3 - But she's not looking for a husband. Maybe he's wrong. He doesn't care. She's his wife.

Play Your Heart Out Sinful Serenade Book 4

- She is finding the money to pay for law school. She is going to be a lawyer, whatever it takes. Only she doesn't have what it takes. He parties like a rockstar. She's there to make sure no one finds out. Jess james has her eye on the prize. The famous, talented rock star has everything. Pete rose to fame as a devoted boyfriend.

The sweet blond waitress is exactly the girl he needs on his arm if he wants to clean up his dirty reputation. Their arrangement is simple: he pays her tuition, she plays his girlfriend. Doesn't matter that his ex slept with his best friend. She can barely afford to pay her rent. Sinful serenade bassist pete Steele has enough to pay Jess's rent and buy her a small island in the Caribbean.

Play Your Heart Out Sinful Serenade Book 4 - He needs to stop screwing his way through Los Angeles to keep the record company happy. Especially not when they're alone, in his bed, him figuring out exactly which buttons to push to get her moaning his name. Jess is good at keeping up appearances. Period. Each book can be read as a standalone.

Dangerous Fling Dangerous Noise Book 4

- Of the woman he has tied to his bed. The guy who’s poster hung on her dorm room wall for three years straight. Which means he shouldn’t be picturing her naked. He never gets close enough to get hurt. Of the band. He's her rock star crush, her go-to fantasy, and he's offering to make all her dreams come true.

. Rock star malcolm Strong is used to being in control. The sassy brunette is working on the band’s latest music video. He never wants to. Until Lacey. That’s the only explanation for a six foot three, inked up, rock star s*x god offering to be her fling. The guy she thinks about every night when she… ahem.

Dangerous Fling Dangerous Noise Book 4 - Friends with benefits sounds perfect. Mal. The guy with the piercing blue eyes and the breathy, tortured voice. The last thing Lacey needs is more heartbreak. But how is she supposed to be casual with the man she’s been fantasizing about for the last four years? Of his feelings. He doesn’t mix business and pleasure, but there’s something about her quick wit and her soft curves--Mal has to have her.

The Baby Bargain

- Right. But the geeky grad student is sure it's now or never. And i'm sure as hell not going to let her find someone else. The baby bargain is a standalone romance with a brooding alpha hero, a feisty math geek heroine, and enough heat to melt your Kindle. Only she doesn't need a ride, a study partner, a new tattoo.

Ariel wants me to get her pregnant. I should convince her to wait for Mr. The old fashioned way. Three months of trying. I took her trick or treating, told off the jerk who dumped her, picked her up from Prom. When she needs my help, I'm there. Come see why readers say "no one writes broken bad boys like Crystal Kaswell.

The Baby Bargain - ". Then we go back to our lives. It's a terrible idea. My best friend's kid sister wants me to get her pregnant--the old fashioned way. I've looked out for Ariel since she was in pigtails. I should say no.

Dangerous Encore Dangerous Noise Book 5

- It is not a standalone. Wait a second. The men of dangerous noise have found the women who complete them, but love isn't always enough to make things last. Can ethan, and mal find happily ever after? or will the fame, Kit, the fortune, Joel, and the tour dates prove too trying for marriage and family?Dangerous Encore is a sequel to the bestselling Dangerous Noise series.

It is meant to be read after book four, Dangerous Fling. First Comes Love. Then Comes Marriage. Then it's tour dates, demanding fans, exclusive contracts. This four part novel features one happily ever after story for each couple.

Tempting Inked Hearts Book 1

- I peel it open, run my fingers along the paper, soak up every ounce of him. His drawings are as beautiful and bold as his dark eyes and his cocky smile. That's me. Naked. Ready. Waiting in his bed. There's no denying it--those are my blue glasses, my green eyes, my flushed cheeks. Brendon wants me. The smoking hot, ten thousand miles out of my league bad boy wants me-- a good girl v*rgin with thick glasses and no game.

It's perfect. Only it's not. He's my best friend's older brother. I can't help myself. He's off limits. But damn is he tempting. A complete standalone**More books about the men of Inked Hearts available now. Hooking uppretend you're minehating you, humor, loving YouBreaking the Rules*more coming soon*From the author: Tempting is a smoking hot brother's best friends romance with the perfect mix of heat, and emotion.

Tempting Inked Hearts Book 1 - He's my best friend’s older brother, off limits and incredibly tempting. I shouldn't peek into brendon’s sketchbook, even if the tattoo artist is as brooding and stoic as the day is long. Only, there, on the third page--that’s no tattoo mockup. Come find out why readers say "no one writes broken bad boys like Crystal Kaswell.

Dangerous Kiss Dangerous Noise Book 1

- They don’t serenade her with her favorite songs. Or make her laugh until her sides ache. Sure, nice guys don’t set her on fire the way her ex Ethan did. Each book is a full-length standalone with a HEA. That’s two weeks of resisting her reserved smile, her green eyes, her soft body under his. Or it's two weeks of them tangled in the sheets.

Two weeks to get her back. Dangerous kiss is a full-length standalone second chance romance with a smoking hot rock star hero, a take no sh** heroine, Kindle-melting chemistry, and a HEA. Dangerous noise follows the men of rock band Dangerous Noise and the women they love. She loved him when he was no one.

Dangerous Kiss Dangerous Noise Book 1 - He still falls asleep thinking of his ex. She needs to finish her masters in mathematics. Violet has more on her mind than her love life. In theory. Or make her feel so good she could die. None of that matters. No one is. Ethan isn’t breaking her heart again.