The Duke Regency series Book 4

Brandy robertson—the old earl’s granddaughter—takes one look at the duke and her heart goes ballistic. The problem is, the duke is already engaged, and if that isn’t bad enough, someone wants to kill him. One of catherine Coulter's first novels—lavishly rewritten. The #1 new york times bestselling author turned The Generous Earl into The Duke—and fans swooned over the tale of romance and suspense set in 19th-century Scotland.

Penderleigh castle is the home of the Robertsons, who have just been dealt a terrible blow. Their new master, already an English duke, has just been named the Scottish Earl of Penderleigh. Ian carmichael, is proud, handsome as the devil’s right hand, Duke of Portmaine, aristocratic, and kinder than any grousing Robertson has a right to expect.


Lord Harry Regency series Book 3

Unfortunately, things don't quite go as planned. Henrietta rolland has assumed the guise of a gentleman to track down and kill the man she believes is responsible for her brother's death at the Battle of Waterloo. A duel of hearts from the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

The Heir Regency series Book 2

A revamped regency from the #1 new york times bestselling authorWhen a marriage is arranged between a shrewd and strong earl and his equally matched cousin, they set off fireworks, both in their anger and in their passion.

The Countess Regency series Book 5

Catherine coulter's revamped first novel—a gothic regency romance. The #1 new york times bestselling author's very first novel, rewritten as a Gothic. A woman who makes the wrong choice for a husband may not live to marry the man of her dreams.

The Rebel Bride Regency series Book 1

The #1 new york times bestselling author has transformed her second novel from a Regency to full-fledged historical romance. Katherine brandon is a hoyden who bewitches a powerful, sophisticated nobleman, but can't hide her terrifying secret from him. Revisit a classic-Catherine Coulter's second novel.

The Deception Baron Novels Book 3

The complete revamping of catherine coulter's 1983 Signet Regency, An Intimate Deception, led to this: a full-bodied historical romance with a new beginning and a new ending.

The Wild Baron Baron Novels Book 1

Catherine coulter introduces the dashing Carrington brothers with the story of Rohan, a man with a rakish reputation but a heart of pure gold.

The Nightingale Legacy Legacy Series Book 2

An exhilarating regency romance from the #1 New York Times bestselling author. The second novel in Catherine Coulter's acclaimed Legacy trilogy.

The Valentine Legacy Legacy Series Book 3

The third novel in Catherine Coulter's popular Legacy trilogy. A regency romance to win readers' hearts from the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

The Wyndham Legacy Legacy Series Book 1

The first novel in Catherine Coulter's acclaimed Legacy trilogy. A classic regency romance from the #1 New York Times bestselling author.

The Offer Baron Novels Book 2

Instead, he’s a gentleman who has compromised a lady. She would surely have died if not for Phillip Mercerault, who rescues her and nurses her back to health. But sabrina turns him down, leaving him completely baffled. Now there’s only one thing left for him to do—marry her. But what’s a husband to do when he knows his bride is afraid of men?

A beautiful young woman is thrown together with a rakish Viscount by a twist of fate and is caught off guard by her own yearning for love and passion in this historical romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. When sabrina eversleigh ran away from home to escape the abusive hands of her new brother-in-law, she quickly ended up stranded in a blizzard.

But sabrina soon learns Phillip is not a hero. However, who must propose, and it is she, things don’t turn out quite the way Sabrina planned, then, sweetening the pot with a big dowry and an offer of freedom for Phillip.