Sweet Magnolia Charleston Harbor Novels Book 2

- Also how true friends stick with you through good and bad times. One due in nine months. Follow along with jack, annie and the rest of the powells in book two of the Charleston Harbor Novels where you’ll smile a little, cry a little and root for the family in their ever quest to build a life together. Read for freE in Kindle Unlimited.

Exhausted after the grand wedding, Jack and Annie set off to California for their honeymoon only to be called back early because of a fire to the bakery. But the powell’s don’t give up. I can't wait to read the next book. From amazon Customer. It shows how family members work together and are very supportive.

Sweet Magnolia Charleston Harbor Novels Book 2 - As jack and annie rebuild Sweet Indulgence together, life throws them another much more pleasant surprise. The fire is extensive and they aren’t sure if Sweet Indulgence can be saved. Sweet tea and love for family prevail and is the balm that soothes the heart. This is small town romance at its best. From bernadette cinkoske“This book was about family, trust, and love.

Sweet, clean romance…finally a book where you get to see what happens after the wedding! This is a wonderful story about life, family, love, and overcoming setbacks.

Sweet Carolina Charleston Harbor Novels Book 3

- I have loved jack and Annie and these glimpses into their life. Caudill“Couldn't put it down. Her discovery hits her harder than the storm leaving her breathless and scared. Laugh a little, cry a little as you follow along with Jack, Annie and the rest of the family in the third installment of the Charleston Harbor Novels.

I love jack, Annie and their extended family. From dianne marshall“Sweet Carolina is a sweet romance. This one left it to your imagination…i fell in love with the characters!!!” ★★★★★ from Deborah A. This was a delightful CLEAN series which I really enjoyed. It will take more than a storm to break this family apart…Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Sweet Carolina Charleston Harbor Novels Book 3 - When a hurricane threatens to wreak havoc on the South Carolina coast, Annie battens down the hatches at Sweet Magnolia while Jack checks on Lady Powell down at the dock. It's gotten hard to find books without graphic sex scenes. But when jack doesn't return promptly, Annie sets off in the rain and wind to find him.

These people know how to throw a party - even a hurricane party! This is just a great story about how we grow, change, and adapt to our ever changing circumstances. From Bernadette Cinkoske.

Sweet Indulgence Charleston Harbor Novels Book 1

- This book is too sweet to pass up! Scroll down to one click and begin your indulgence today!" Such fun…All the characters sparkle. It has all the pluses, surprises, humor, a dog and of course love. Everyone has a sweet indulgence. Lots of kisses !!! The setting was great. After a quick stop to the new and upcoming cupcake shop to pick up cupcakes for his niece’s birthday party, Jack meets reserved Annie.

While helping him with his order, and the cheesy grin when he realizes he’s been caught, Annie notices his warm smile, the way he laughs when he gets icing on his fingers and then licks them like a big kid, and for a fleeting moment wishes he’d been one of her blind dates. Jack leaves with the cupcakes but Annie’s twinkling eyes makes her hard to forget and for a brief moment he considers taking home something other than cupcakes.

Sweet Indulgence Charleston Harbor Novels Book 1 - Auntie patty and Grandma Lilly were wonderful. You have small town romance, a cute dog, a small boat and an island. Jack just met his…read for free in kindle UnlimitedAnnie McPherson has had it with all the blind dates her grandmother and auntie set her up with. Bumps and surprises along the way. Debbie white is fast becoming a favorite author.

From lenda burns“the best romance story I have read in a long time. Annie watches him go but a little voice deep inside hopes he’ll return and this time for something other than cupcakes.

Bungalow by the Bay Lighthouse Point Book 6

Rose Quartz Press - He finished trying to prove to his family, the media, or anyone else that he’s anything more than the black sheep of the wealthy Hamilton family. When aj arrives to hide out at the island, the oh-so-responsible Courtney falls for the footloose playboy. Maybe there’s time for one last wish at lighthouse Point…Courtney Davis is perfectly content with the new life she’s found for herself and her son on Belle Island.

They are finally safe from her past. Aj hamilton can’t shake his past. And aj might just have found the one woman he wants to convince he’s not really the person everyone believes he is. But when aj’s choices accidentally put Courtney’s son in danger, there’s no escaping the past for either AJ or Courtney.

Bungalow by the Bay Lighthouse Point Book 6 - Maybe everyone is right about AJ. Maybe courtney will never truly be safe. Or maybe, just maybe, one last wish at Lighthouse Point will change everything….

The Salty Dog

- Handsome husband, beautiful condo overlooking San Francisco Bay, and a faithful companion in a golden retriever named Harley. What will she do? inspirational romance, The Salty Dog, is a tale of love and loss. Her life is suddenly turned upside down, and the only thing she has left is Harley, or so it seemed.

Torn between two men, Libby is tormented by her past, and unsure of her future. Determined to pull out of her depression, and settle into her new life, Libby elicits the help from friends as she embarks on a new adventure. Libby had it all.

A Memory to Cherish Sweet River Book 2

Rose Quartz Press - Sometimes just a memory to Cherish isn't enough…Beth Cassidy is out to prove something. Beth is sure of it. The cops and the town will never believe he’s innocent. Is mac as innocent as he claims?mac vows to wipe the dust of Sweet River Falls from his boots, and leave the town far, far behind. Pretty sure…will beth and mac find a way to have more than just A Memory to Cherish?A Memory to Cherish is book two in the Sweet River series.

For good this time. Annie and nora, along with nora’s daughter, and her best friend, Beth, Sophie, navigate life in the charming town of Sweet River Falls. To the town and herself. When she decides to run for mayor, the one thing she doesn’t count on is bad-boy Mac McKenna showing back up in her life. Mac moved away from sweet river falls and has no desire to have anything to do with the town that always considered him an outsider, but he can’t fight his growing attraction for the woman trying to overcome her own reputation in town.

A Memory to Cherish Sweet River Book 2 - The town that seems to be having its fair share of trouble. And mac seems to be right there every time something goes wrong. He means it. Mac leaving for good is probably for the best. Book two is a heartwarming story of redemption and trust.

Those Summer Nights Oyster Bay Book 5

Rosewood Press - Licensed therapist evie donovan’s life plan was simple: work hard, stay focused, and everything would fall into place. She’s used to letting her head be her guide, but for once, she might just be forced to follow her heart—even if it takes her a little off her carefully chosen path…. Losing her dream job and having a summer fling were never part of that plan.

But her plan didn’t include the possibility of her summer fling turning into her permanent boss, or that the black and white world she has chosen to live in is turning a little grey. Between fantasizing about her now off-limits boss and fielding emails from a half sister she’s never met, Evie begins to wonder if she can turn the helpful advice she’s known for onto herself.

Those Summer Nights Oyster Bay Book 5 - Now, she is ready to try again, regrouped and recharged, and that means leaving behind the bartending job at her father’s restaurant and saying goodbye to those magical and extremely uncharacteristic romantic summer nights. Writing an “ask evie” column for the local newspaper is the perfect transition to get her back on track.

Christmas at the Cottage Oyster Bay Book 6

Rosewood Press - An instant usa today bestseller!californian kelly myers has been dreaming of a postcard perfect holiday in Oyster Bay with her newfound family, but no one ever prepared her for a blizzard, or warned her that the cottage she is renting doesn’t exactly have a reliable furnace. Still, complete with gingerbread houses, she’s determined to make this New England Christmas the best one ever, stocking stuffers, and all the other things she missed out on growing up…things that her half-sisters don’t seem to have any time for now.

But as the days pass and her hopes for the holiday begin to dwindle, Kelly discovers that there’s more to this small town than she first thought, and that it could just turn her back into a believer after all. With a little tinsel, a dash of romance, and a few surprises, this Christmas may still be the most magical one yet… .

Christmas at the Cottage Oyster Bay Book 6 - When the cottage’s caretaker makes it known that the old house will soon be torn down, Kelly decides to make him an offer he can’t resist—first, she’ll have to help him find his Christmas spirit.

A Song to Remember Sweet River Book 3

Rose Quartz Press - She’s thrown herself into keeping the gallery open. Will he let the past destroy his future?Sophie has a choice. Sometimes a song brings back a memory. Sophie brooks runs the small art gallery in Sweet River Falls. Will she walk away from everything to chase after her dreams? Sometimes the Song Remembers… even if you don’t.

The sweet river seriesa dream to believe ina memory to CherishA Song to RememberWatch for more books in the series! She owes her parents that much. But when chase green arrives in town, long-buried memories of the dreams Sophie had for her life bubble to the surface. Chase is hiding from his own haunted past and keeping long-held secrets.

A Song to Remember Sweet River Book 3 - When the secrets explode will they end his faltering country singer career?But when they team up for a duet, the chemistry between them is impossible to deny. Chase has a choice.

A Dream to Believe In Sweet River Book 1

Rose Quartz Press - Meet annie and her best friend, Nora. Together they experience small-town life at its best and its worst, and maybe, just maybe,  struggle to keep their businesses afloat, find love when it’s least expected. A dream to believe in - book one january 2019a memory to cherish - Book Two February 2019A Song to Remember - Book Three March 2019.

After doing their best to avoid each other and failing miserably, Nick and Annie make a tentative truce and agree to put their past behind them. Nick helps remodel the loft area above her shop that she’s hoping to have finished before the May Festival and the start of the busy tourist season. But a terrible accident reminds Nick why he left his medical practice and why he needs to move on from Sweet River Falls.

A Dream to Believe In Sweet River Book 1 - Once again, they want—and need—different things out of life. Maybe this time they can find A Dream to Believe In. She’s perfectly content with her life. That is until Nick Chambers returns to town. Nick takes a leave of absence from his medical practice to accept a temporary university teaching position.

A dream to believe In is book one in the Sweet River series. He didn’t dream he’d run into Annie again after all these years. But fate has other plans, as it often does.

Sweeter in the Summer Sweeter in the City Book 1

Rosewood Press - Working with sam to land a big account will give her the means to save her grandfather’s ice cream parlor, but letting herself get close to him again is one risk she can’t take, no matter how sweet the temptation. But first he’ll have to win back her trust…and her heart. Six years ago, sam crawford watched the only girl he’s ever loved walk out of his family’s advertising agency—and out of his life.

She made that mistake once before, and she doesn’t intend to repeat it—until her ex strolls back into her life with an offer she can’t refuse. Some things are sweeter the second time around. Freelance copywriter Lila Harris knows a thing or two about falling in love with the wrong man. Now he finally has a second chance to prove to her that he’s not the man she thinks he is.