Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy

Dutton #ad - As a result, the entire nation was left flat-footed. The characters include a forecaster who risked his job to sound the alarm in New Jersey, Governor Christie, Mayor Bloomberg, the crew of the ill-fated tall ship Bounty, and countless coastal residents whose homes—and lives—were torn apart and then left to wonder .

Everything had been consumed by cloud. The first complete moment-by-moment account of the largest Atlantic storm system ever recorded—a hurricane like no otherThe sky was lit by a full moon on October 29, 2012, but nobody on the eastern seaboard of the United States could see it. In superstorm, journalist kathryn miles takes readers inside the maelstrom, detailing the stories of dedicated professionals at the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service.

Superstorm: Nine Days Inside Hurricane Sandy #ad - When is the next superstorm coming? The national oceanic and atmospheric Administration couldn’t issue reliable warnings; the Coast Guard didn’t know what to do. It charged across open ocean, even the traditional maritime wisdom of sailors and seamen: What exactly was this thing? By the time anyone decided, picking up strength with every step, baffling meteorologists and scientists, officials and emergency managers, it was too late.

And then the storm made landfall. Sandy was not just enormous, it was also unprecedented. It was the largest storm anyone had ever seen.


Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future

Harper Wave #ad - Engaging, informative, and timely, Sobel’s book provokes us to rethink the future of our climate and how we can better prepare for the storms to come. He gives us insight into the sophisticated science that led to the forecasts of the storm before it hit, as well as an understanding of why our meteorological vocabulary failed our leaders in warning us about this unprecedented storm—part hurricane, part winter-type nor’easter, fully deserving of the title “Superstorm.

Storm surge brings together the melting glaciers, the shifting jet streams, and the warming oceans to make clear how our changing climate will make New York and other cities more vulnerable than ever to huge storms—and how we need to think differently about these long-term risks if we hope to mitigate the damage.

Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future #ad - A renowned scientist takes us through the devastating and unprecedented events of Hurricane Sandy, using it to explain our planet’s changing climate, and what we need to do to protect ourselves and our cities for the future. Was hurricane sandy a freak event—or a harbinger of things to come?  was climate change responsible?  what connects the spiraling clouds our satellites saw from space, atmospheric scientist and Columbia University professor Adam Sobel addresses these questions, and the slow simmer of greenhouse gases? Why weren't we better prepared?In this fascinating and accessible work of popular science, the brackish water that rose up over the city’s seawalls, combining scientific explanation with first-hand experience of the event itself.

He explains the remarkable atmospheric conditions that gave birth to Sandy and determined its path.


Surviving Sandy: The Superstorm That Reshaped Our Lives

Ambient Funding #ad - Hurricane sandy’s angry winds and waves devoured beachside housing, piers, not only in Mantoloking, and marinas, but for many miles in either direction, including New York City. When it was over the devastation left behind was staggering: $50- 60 billion in property damage and business loss, and one hundred and ten lives lost, including two little boys swept away in Staten island as their mother held their hands and tried to flee the storm.

This book recounts the solemnity of these events with personal accounts of survival and endurance, garnished with stories of unselfishness and charity which impart hope for a brighter future. On saturday, a shark was caught at mantoloking beach in New Jersey, August 4, 2012, arousing some nervousness among beach-goers which rapidly dissipated under the hypnosis of salt water and sunshine characteristic of the Jersey coast.

Surviving Sandy: The Superstorm That Reshaped Our Lives #ad - Less than three months later a monstrous storm called Hurricane Sandy ravaged that same beach and surrounding community with shark-like ferocity.


Run the Storm: A Savage Hurricane, a Brave Crew, and the Wreck of the SS El Faro

Scribner #ad - We watch, worried calls to the engine room, ship-to-shore reports, all that is happening on board—the ship’s mysterious tilt to one side, minute by minute, the courage of the men and women as they fight to survive, and the berserk ocean’s savage consumption of the massive hull. It seemed incomprehensible that such a ship could sink so suddenly.

It was the greatest seagoing US merchant marine shipping disaster since World War II. Now with a new afterword, this “tour de force of nautical expertise” Ocean Navigator is a masterwork of stunning power. In the bestselling tradition of the perfect storm and the finest hours, a gigantic american cargo ship that sank in the Bermuda Triangle, “an exquisitely written and dramatic book…a literary page-turner” Doug Stanton, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Horse Soldiers—the 2015 mysterious disappearance of the SS El Faro, taking with it thirty-three lives.

On october 1, the ss el faro, a massive American cargo ship disappeared in Hurricane Joaquin, 2015, a category 4 storm. The massive ship had a seasoned crew, state-of-the-art navigation equipment, and advance warning of the storm. The ship, its hundreds of shipping containers, and its entire crew plummeted to the bottom of the ocean, three miles down.

Run the Storm: A Savage Hurricane, a Brave Crew, and the Wreck of the SS El Faro #ad - And through it all, the pain and ultimate resilience of the families of El Faro’s crew. We see captain, and crew fight for their lives, engineers, and hear their actual words as recorded on the ship’s black box while the hurricane relentlessly tightens its noose around the ship. How, a story that lasts only a few days, george michelsen foy brings us “the most insightful exploration of this unthinkable disaster” Outside, could something like this happen? Relying on Coast Guard inquest hearings, in this day and age, as well as on numerous interviews, but which grows almost intolerably suspenseful as deep-rooted flaws leading to the disaster inexorably link together and worsen.


Quakeland: On the Road to America's Next Devastating Earthquake

Dutton #ad - We have been making enormous changes to subterranean America, as always, and Mother Earth, has been making some of her own. Humans as well as fault lines built our “quakeland”. The consequences for our real estate, our civil engineering, and our communities will be huge because they will include earthquakes most of us do not expect and cannot imagine—at least not without reading Quakeland.

Evidence of fracking’s seismological impact continues to mount. What will happen when Memphis, home of FedEx's 1. 5-million-packages-a-day hub, goes offline as a result of an earthquake along the unstable Reelfoot Fault? FEMA has estimated that a modest 7. 0 magnitude quake twenty of these happen per year around the world along the Wasatch Fault under Salt Lake City would put a $33 billion dent in our economy.

Quakeland: On the Road to America's Next Devastating Earthquake #ad - More than 1, 500 quakes over the following seven years resulted. When the fukushima  reactor melted down, tens of thousands were displaced. As miles relates, the era of human-induced earthquakes began in 1962 in Colorado after millions of gallons of chemical-weapon waste was pumped underground in the Rockies.

. A journey around the united states in search of the truth about the threat of earthquakes leads to spine-tingling discoveries, unnerving experts, and ultimately the kind of preparations that will actually help guide us through disasters.


The Great Hurricane, 1938

Grove Press #ad - By the time oceanfront residents noticed an ominous color in the sky, it was too late to escape. The great hurricane, 1938 is a spellbinding hour-by-hour reconstruction of one of the most destructive and powerful storms ever to hit the United States. Before there was the perfect Storm, there was the Great Hurricane of 1938.

A riveting and wonderfully written account. Nathaniel philbrick   on the night of September 21, 1938, news on the radio was full of the invasion of Czechoslovakia. A very good book. The washington Post. There was no mention of any severe weather. In an age before warning systems and the ubiquity of television, this unprecedented storm caught the Northeast off guard, obliterated coastal communities on Long Island and in New England, and killed nearly seven hundred people.

The Great Hurricane, 1938 #ad - With riveting detail, burns weaves together countless personal stories of loved ones lost and lives changed forever—from those of the Moore family, washed to sea on a raft formerly their attic floor, holed up in her Connecticut mansion, to Katharine Hepburn, watching her car take to the air like a bit of paper.


Sandy: A Story of Complete Devastation, Courage, and Recovery

Triumph Books #ad - A 50-foot piece of the atlantic City Boardwalk washed away and half the city of Hoboken was under water. In new jersey, 2. 6 million homes were without people and nearly 40 people were killed. On october 29, 2012, hurricane Sandy made landfall in the Mid-Atlantic region. These gripping moments of ruin and recovery are captured in Sandy: A Story of Complete Devastation, Courage, and Recovery, which features award-winning stories and nearly 100 vivid full-color images from the New York Post.

Fire in queens destroyed more than 100 buildings. Amidst this devastation, sandy inspired courage and hope in many New Yorkers, giving them the will to triumph against incalculable odds. Seeking shelter and the basic necessities of life, thousands continued to fight on to simply survive the harshest of conditions and help others do the same.

Sandy: A Story of Complete Devastation, Courage, and Recovery #ad - Winds on long Island reached 90 mph. Hundreds of thousands were left without power and water, with dwindling food supplies. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the Mayor’s Fund for New York City and Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. The devastation she would bring to the New York and New Jersey was widespread and unimaginable.

Though warnings had been issued for days and many evacuated their homes and offices, thousands stood in the path of one of the strongest storms in the history of America.


Category 5: The Story of Camille, Lessons Unlearned from America's Most Violent Hurricane

University of Michigan Press #ad - Twenty-four oceangoing ships sank or were beached; six offshore drilling platforms collapsed; 198 people drowned. ". Highly recommended for all public libraries, especially those on the Gulf and East coasts. Library journal onlineas the unsettled social and political weather of summer 1969 played itself out amid the heat of antiwar marches and the battle for civil rights, three regions of the rural South were devastated by the horrifying force of Category 5 Hurricane Camille.

Camille's nearly 200 mile per hour winds and 28-foot storm surge swept away thousands of homes and businesses along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi. The question most neglected was: what is the shelf life of a historical lesson?"Ernest Zebrowski is founder of the doctoral program in science and math education at Southern University, a historically black university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Professor of Physics at Pennsylvania State University's Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Category 5: The Story of Camille, Lessons Unlearned from America's Most Violent Hurricane #ad - . Politicians argued about whether there had been one disaster or two, as if that mattered. His previous books include Perils of a Restless Planet: Scientific Perspectives on Natural Disasters. In clinical social work from uCLA, Louisiana, and writes a regular political column for the Ruston, Morning Paper.

Category 5 examines with sensitivity the overwhelming challenges presented by the human and physical impacts from a catastrophic disaster and the value of emergency management to sound decisions and sustainability. John C.


35 Miles from Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980

Odyssey Publishing, LLC #ad - Corsetti left no stone unturned in his detailed book of this accident and the rescue that followed. It was, and remains, the only open-water ditching of a commercial jet. Corsetti's minute by minute style doesn't miss a thing. Maarten. On may 2, 1970, a dc-9 jet with 57 passengers and a crew of six departed New York's JFK International Airport en route to the tropical island of St.

A 4 star rating!" ron Watson New Book Reviews. His description of the aftermath of the crash, the anguish of the survivors after the ditching, brought the reader right into the midst of the action. William Phenn Readersviews. Com "this gripping account of a tragedy, with heroes galore, is mesmerizing reading.

35 Miles from Shore: The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980 #ad - The flight ended four hours and thirty-four minutes later in the shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. This gripping account of that fateful day recounts what was happening inside the cabin, the cockpit, and the helicopters as the crews struggled against the weather and dwindling daylight to rescue the survivors who have only their life vests and a lone escape chute to keep them afloat.

Mr. The subsequent rescue of survivors took nearly three hours and involved the coast guard, navy, and marines.


Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle

Open Road Media #ad - In the early morning hours of september 8, 1934, carrying 316 passengers and 230 officers and crew, the luxury cruise liner Morro Castle, caught fire a few hours out of the New York harbor on a return voyage from Havana. They also prove that rogers was responsible for the death of the captain, who was poisoned several hours before the fire broke out.

His name: george White Rogers, chief radio officer. One hundred thirty-four people died that night—was it an accident?   Writers Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan Witts prove that the disaster was no accident, but was planned, meticulously and deliberately, by an officer of the Morro Castle. Through interviews with survivors, rescuers, and investigators, the authors detail a desperate investigation and the search for a mass murderer.

Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle #ad - This edgar award finalist by two new york times–bestselling authors provides an “exciting” account of the devastating and mysterious cruise ship fire The Washington Post. The fire spread with terrifying swiftness, transforming the ship into a blazing inferno. Shipwreck is a spellbinding moment-by-moment account of the Morro Castle’s last voyage, and one of the most spectacular disasters to stir the Atlantic Ocean.

Against the backdrop of the great depression and the buildup of World War II, Shipwreck is a sweeping tale of personal heroism, tragedy, and murder.


Into the Storm: Two Ships, a Deadly Hurricane, and an Epic Battle for Survival

Ballantine Books #ad - From the parallel stories of these ships and their final journeys, Tristram Korten weaves a remarkable tale of two veteran sea captains from very different worlds, the harrowing ordeals of their desperate crews, and the Coast Guard’s extraordinary battle against a storm that defied prediction. With pulsating narrative skill in the tradition of Sebastian Junger and Jon Krakauer, Korten recounts the heroic efforts by Cournia and his fellow guardsmen to haul the Minouche’s crew to safety.

As korten narrates the ships’ fates, the international brotherhood of mariners, with insights drawn from insider access to crew members, Coast Guard teams, and their families, he delivers a moving and propulsive story of men in peril, and the breathtaking power of nature. Praise for into the storm“the story tristram korten tells is impressively multifaceted, exploring everything from timely issues such as climate change to timeless themes such as man’s struggle against the ocean’s fury.

Into the Storm: Two Ships, a Deadly Hurricane, and an Epic Battle for Survival #ad - Miami new times “into the storm is a triumph of reporting and you-are-there writing that becomes a deeper tale—with more implications about our own lives—with every chapter. Robert kurson, new York Times bestselling author of Shadow Divers. An intense, immersive deep dive into a wild, and unknown world, dangerous, written with the pace and appeal of a great thriller.

When the coast guard received word from captain Renelo Gelera that the Minouche was taking on water on the night of October 1, the servicemen on duty helicoptered through Joaquin to the sinking ship. Maritime disaster in decades. This is nonfiction at its very best.