Records of the Medieval Sword

There are appendices on inlaid blade inscriptions, the swordsmith's art, scientific dating, and a sword of Edward III. Reprinted as part of Boydell's History of the Sword series. Spanning the period from the great migrations to the Renaissance, Ewart Oakeshott emphasises the original purpose of the sword as an intensely intimate accessory of great significance and mystique.

Forty years of intensive research into the specialised subject of the straight two-edged knightly sword of the European middle ages are contained in this classic study. Boydell Press. There are over 400 photographs and drawings, each fully annotated and described in detail, supported by a long introductory chapter with diagrams of the typological framework first presented in The Archaeology of Weapons and further elaborated in The Sword in the Age of Chivalry.


Swords of the Viking Age

Ian peirce was a lecturer and museum consultant specialising in early swords; EWART OAKESHOTT was renowned for his pioneer studies on a wide range of medieval swords. Ewart oakeshott outlines the significance and diversity of these ancient heirlooms; co-author Ian Peirce, who handled hundreds of swords in his research for this book in museums across northern Europe, selects and describes sixty of the finest representative weapons.

This new work fills a gap in the literature in English on the swords made and used in northern Europe during the Viking age, between the mid eighth and the mid eleventh centuries. Where possible, pattern-welding, in addition to illustrations of detail; an illustrated overview of blade types and construction, full-length photographs are included, inscription and handle forms and their classification prefaces the catalogue of examples which is the principal part of this work.

Boydell Press.

The Sword in the Age of Chivalry

With clear illustrations and invaluable photographic plates The Sword in the Age of Chivalry offers first-class reference material for all weapons enthusiasts. Boydell Pr. Boydell Press. Evidence for dating is adduced from literature and art as well as from archaeology, pommel-forms, based on entire swords, cross-guards, and a detailed chronological typology of swords is developed, and the grip and scabbard.

The resplendent image of the medieval knight is symbolised by his sword, a lethal weapon on the battlefield and a badge of chivalry in that complex social code. Ewart oakeshott draws on his extensive research to recount the history of the sword from the knightly successors of the Viking weapon to the emergence of the Renaissance sword - roughly from 1050 to 1550

His other books include Records of the Medieval Sword and The Archaeology of Weapons. The late ewart oakeshott was an authority on the arms and armour of medieval Europe.

The Archaeology of Weapons: Arms and Armour from Prehistory to the Age of Chivalry Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor

Covering a period of 30 centuries, through the breakup of the roman empire and the great folk-migrations of the period; the age of the Vikings; and finally, vividly describes the development of arms and armor — beginning with the weapons of the prehistoric Bronze and Iron Ages, like a richly woven tapestry, the study, the Age of Chivalry.

Relying on evidence of arms found in bogs, shields, daggers, chain mail, plate armor, helmets, axes, tombs, rivers, gauntlets, crossbows, spears, excavations, and other sites as well as on contemporary art and literature, longbows, the author describes in detail an awesome array of the weapons and accoutrements of war: swords, and much else.

Profusely illustrated with more than 170 of the author's own line drawings and 23 plates depicting many rare and beautiful weapons, students of arms and armor, this meticulously researched volume will be an indispensable resource for military historians, archaeologists, and anyone interested in the weaponry of old.

Boydell Pr. Boydell Press. Premodern weapons of war receive a tremendously detailed and thorough accounting in this volume — the work of a noted authority on medieval arms in Europe.

European Weapons and Armour: From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution

A treasury of information based on solid scholarship, anyone seeking a factual and vivid account of the story of arms from the Renaissance period to the Industrial Revolution will welcome this book. Lavishly illustrated. Boydell Press. Above all, he follows the long history of the sword, to the late eighteenth century, queen of weapons, when it finally ceased to form a part of a gentleman's every-day wear.

Boydell Pr. He shows how armour attained its full Renaissance splendour and then suffered its sorry and inevitable decline, culminating in the Industrial Revolution, with its far-reaching effects on military armaments. Used book in Good Condition. The author describes the development of the handgun and the pike, the use and style of staff-weapons, mace and axe and war-hammer, dagger and dirk and bayonet.

Ewart oakeshott was one of the world's leading authorities on the arms and armour of medieval Europe. His other works on the subject include Records of the Medieval Sword and The Sword in the Age of Chivalry. The author chooses as his starting-point the invasion of Italy by France in 1494, which sowed the dragon's teeth of all the successive European wars; the French invasion was to accelerate the trend towards new armaments and new methods of warfare.


A Knight and His Weapons

Take an engaging journey back in time, lances, and an array of well-crafted devices that could be elegant and ornate, maces, brutal and efficient, when battles were fought with swords, or both. Did you know, for instance, by modern standards, that in the fifteenth century "fight books" with drawings guided knights in the proper use of weapons? That the average medieval warrior became a full-fledged fighter by the time he was fifteen years old? Or that armor made by a master could, cost the price of a Rolls Royce? Boydell Press.

Used book in Good Condition. Boydell Pr. This accessible, lively, and informative book explores many facets of the medieval world of weaponry. Used book in Good Condition.

The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England: Its Archaeology and Literature

The first part of the book, a careful study of the disposition of swords found in peat bogs, in graves, lakes and rivers, yields information on religious and social practices. Boydell Press. Used book in Good Condition. Boydell Pr. The second is concerned with literary sources, especially Beowulf. This book is an invaluable exploration of the significance of the sword as symbol and weapon in the Anglo-Saxon world, using archaeological and literary evidence.

Used book in Good Condition.

The Book of the Sword: With 293 Illustrations Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor

The history of the sword is the history of humanity. With these words, victorian scholar, British author, and world traveler Richard Burton begins his eloquent and exceptionally erudite history of the "Queen of Weapons. Spanning the centuries and a wide range of cultures, Burton's rich and elegant prose illuminates the sword as both armament and potent symbol.

Recounting man's long association with this weapon, bone and bornthe appearance of stone swords and exotic weapons such as the boomerangThe ages of copper and alloys such as bronze and brass — used in producing the long, the author describes in brilliant detail:The ages of wood, narrow blades of rapiersThe Iron Age during which the Viking sword of carbonized iron took shape — a weapon whose form would set the standard for the next thousand years.

Enhanced by nearly 300 excellent line drawings, cutlass, scimitar, throwing knives, rapier, daggers, including dirks, and a host of other arms, the text provides an incredible wealth of detailed data about the sword and its variations: sabre, foil, broadsword, flails, and much more. Military and social historians, as well as armchair adventurers will find this volume a fascinating, scholars and students of weaponry, abundantly illustrated and highly readable account of this potent symbol of power.

In battle, it served universally as a deadly offensive weapon. Drawing on a wealth of literary, archaeological, anthropological, from its birth as a charred and sharpened stick, linguistic, through its diverse stages of development, the author traces the sword's origins, and other sources, to its full growth in the early Roman Empire.

Boydell Pr. Used book in Good Condition.

A Knight and His Armor

Used book in Good Condition. Boydell Pr. Along the way he dispels a number of myths about medieval armor. This is another in the famous Knight series by the renowned medieval historian Ewart Oakeshott. Accurately illustrated by the author, the book captures the wonder and magic of a past time. Used book in Good Condition.

He also looks at the other important aspects of a knight's armor and finishes up with a discussion of how the armor was worn. Explore another fascinating dimension of medieval warfare in this engaging account of knights and their various kinds of armor. Oakeshott here provides a detailed history of how armor developed, how and of what it was made, and how it was worn.

Library Journal Boydell Press. Oakeshott focuses on the armor of the later Middle Ages, from 1100 to 1500 Originally published in 1961-and of interest to young and older readers-this updated and revised edition of A Knight and His Armor has an extensive and useful glossary. He examines how armor developed, how craftsmen made the important garments, and he looks in detail at the different kinds of helmets and which were the best.


The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection

Used book in Good Condition. With this book you will be able to build your own forge, choose your materials from the exotic to the mundane, equip your workshop, and get to work. You’ll jump at the chance to heat the steel, twisting, cutting, folding, bending, and stretching it. Enter the custom-blade world with an edge!make your own!  Boydell Press.

Anyone who has ever searched for good custom blades knows that they are hard to find. Used book in Good Condition. Finally, you’ll put the perfect grind on the new blade; fit the softest, hardest, or the most exotic wood to the grip; and slip your blade into your handmade sheath. Boydell Pr. Stop wasting time looking for that perfect blade and The Complete Bladesmith will show you how to take a bar of steel and forge it into the blade of your dreams.

Whether you want a survival blade, broadsword, or just a trustworthy utility knife, commando dagger, tanto, it’s all here. This guide to smithing world-class blades is for the novice and experienced bladesmith alike.

Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 2: The Medieval Longsword

Guy windsor has been training martial arts for almost 30 years, and teaching professionally since 2001, when he founded The School of European Swordsmanship. The school now has branches and study groups on all over the world. Mastering the art of Arms Volume 2 The Medieval Longsword. Do you like swords? do you want to know how to use them? Then this book is for you.

In this book guy covers everything you need to get started, and choosing equipment; as well as a complete system of physical practice, including principles of swordsmanship, training mindset, from basic footwork all the way up through sword handling and pair drills to free fencing. Used book in Good Condition.

Boydell Press. Beginners will find this a complete and approachable guide to taking up the Art of Arms; experienced swordsmen will also find many tips and tricks for developing their skills. Featuring an introduction by novelist Christian Cameron, in this book renowned swordsman and author Guy Windsor will take you through the principles and practice of medieval knightly combat with the longsword.

Guy's other books include the swordsman's companion, The Duellist's Companion, Veni Vadi Vici, and Mastering the Art of Arms vol 1: The Medieval Dagger. The tactics and techniques come from il fior di Battaglia, written in 1410 by Fiore dei Liberi, one of the greatest trainers of knights in the Middle Ages.

Boydell Pr. Used book in Good Condition.