Playing for Keeps: Michael Jordan and the World He Made

In playing for keeps, halberstam is at his investigative best, delving into Jordan’s expansive world of teammates and coaches. Long before multimillion-dollar signings and lucrative endorsements, NBA players worked in relative obscurity, with most games woefully unattended and rarely broadcast on television.

The pulitzer prize–winning journalist looks at the life and times of the Chicago Bulls superstar— “The best Jordan book so far” The Washington Post. Then came larry bird and magic Johnson, Jordan’s two great predecessors, and the game’s status changed. One of sport’s biggest superstars, Michael Jordan is more than an internationally renowned athlete.

The new era capitalized on Jordan’s talent, will power, and unrivaled competiveness. As illuminated through david halberstam’s trademark balance of impeccable research and fascinating storytelling, Jordan symbolizes the apex of the National Basketball Association’s coming of age. The result is a gripping story of the athlete and media powerhouse who changed a game forever.

This ebook features an extended biography of David Halberstam.

The Breaks of the Game

This is a story about a place in our society where power, and talent collide and sometimes corrupt, money, a place where both national obsessions and naked greed are exposed. Yet he is writing here about far more than just basketball. His work has stood the test of time and has become the standard by which all journalists measure themselves.

The new york times bestseller, now with a new introduction! the breaks of the Game focuses on one grim season 1979-80 in the life of the Bill Walton-led Portland Trail Blazers, a team that only three years before had been NBA champions. The tactile authenticity of Halberstam's knowledge of the basketball world is unrivaled.

A pulitzer prize-winner for his ground-breaking reporting on the Vietnam War, Halberstam wrote more than 20 books, almost all of them bestsellers. More than 6 years after his death david Halberstam remains one of this country's most respected journalists and revered authorities on American life and history in the years since WWII.

. It's about the influence of big media, the unreal salaries, the terrible physical demands of modern sports from drugs to body size, the fans and the hype they subsist on, the clash of ethics, the conflicts of race and class, and the consequences of sport converted into mass entertainment and athletes transformed into superstars--all presented in a way that puts the reader in the room and on the court, and The Breaks of the Game in a league of its own.


October 1964

Expertly weaving the narrative threads of both teams’ seasons, Halberstam brings the major personalities on the field—from switch-hitter Mickey Mantle to pitcher Bob Gibson—to life. That october found the Yankees going head-to-head with the St. David halberstam, an avid sports writer with an investigative reporter’s tenacity, superbly details the end of the fifteen-year reign of the New York Yankees in October 1964.

The “compelling” new york times bestseller by the Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, capturing the 1964 World Series between the Yankees and Cardinals Newsweek. Using the teams’ subcultures, Halberstam also analyzes the cultural shifts of the sixties. Louis cardinals for the World Series pennant.

. The result is a unique blend of sports writing and cultural history as engrossing as it is insightful. This ebook features an extended biography of David Halberstam.

Gunslinger: The Remarkable, Improbable, Iconic Life of Brett Favre

The compelling, complete story of his legend, and his faults. Chicago Tribune. Over two decades, brett Favre was as compelling a figure as any in the National Football League. Gritty and revelatory, tragedy, gunslinger is a big sports biography of the highest order, fame, a fascinating portrait of the man with the rocket arm whose life has been one of triumph, embarrassment, and—ultimately—redemption.

Yet he struggled with demons: addiction, the loss of his father, infidelity, and a fraught, painfully prolonged exit from the game he loved, a game he couldn’t bear to leave. He alone was 'Must-See TV. In gunslinger, jeff pearlman provides an extraordinary look at every facet of the life of a man who performed on sport's grandest stage and who had one helluva time along the way.

Al michaels   in gunslinger,  charting his unparalleled journey from a rough rural childhood and lackluster high school football career to landing the last scholarship at Southern Mississippi, to a car accident that nearly took his life, Jeff Pearlman tells Brett Favre’s story for the first time, and eventually to the NFL and Green Bay, where he restored the Packers to greatness and inspired a fan base as passionate as any in the game.


The Soul of Basketball: The Epic Showdown Between LeBron, Kobe, Doc, and Dirk That Saved the NBA

It began with the decision, that infamous televised moment when uber-star LeBron James revealed that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers – thereby distancing himself from his role model Michael Jordan – to pursue his first championship with his former opponents on the Miami Heat. To the great fortune of lebron, the NBA and basketball itself, the mission didn’t work out as planned.

From miami to boston, the biggest names in basketball are driven by something more valuable than money and fame  – a quest that will pave the way for Stephen Curry, Los Angeles to Dallas, Germany to the NBA’s Manhattan headquarters, Kevin Durant and future generations to thrive. The soul of basketball tells the story of an NBA prodigy, his league and their sport in the throes of crisis during the pivotal 2010-11 season.

. In the cultural tradition of moneyball and friday night lights, david stern, larry bird, doc rivers and Dirk Nowitzki, Gregg Popovich, in addition to lessons set forth by Pat Riley, veteran NBA writer Ian Thomsen portrays the NBA as a self-correcting society in which young LeBron is forced to absorb hard truths inflicted by his rivals Kobe Bryant, Joey Crawford and many more.

This is about the making of a champion. Brimming with inside access,  the soul of basketball tells the inspiring story of LeBron’s loneliest year, insecure and uncertain, when his ultimate foe was an unlikely immigrant who renewed the American game’s ideals.

Life on the Run

Now, his account of twenty days in a pro basketball season remains a classic of sports literature, long after his athletic and political careers have come to a close, unparalleled in its honesty and intelligence. Bradley shows us the abuse of the press alongside the smothering adoration of the fans. We watch in horror as earl Monroe is beaten outside Madison Square Garden barely an hour after twenty thousand people cheered him.

Told with incredible candor, Bradley shows life on the road as a pro-athlete for what it is: a sometimes glamourous, often lonely journey. This classic memoir about life in the pros by the NBA hall of famer and former US senator was named a top 100 Sports Books by Sports Illustrated. He takes readers from the court to the locker room; from the seamless teamwork of a winning game to the melancholy of a motel in a strange city.

A remarkable, searching, smart book. Newsweek. Before bill bradley became known as a US senator and presidential candidate, he was famous for being a part of the world championship-winning New York Knicks. And we come to understand the euphoria and exhaustion, the icy concentration and intense pressure, that are felt only by those who play basketball for keeps.


The Amateurs: The Story of Four Young Men and Their Quest for an Olympic Gold Medal

In pursuit of that goal, delaying personal relationships and careers, the rowers pushed through crippling pain, all for the rush of winning. In “one of the best books ever written about a sport, ” Halberstam chronicles the story of four amateur US rowers and their 1984 Olympic dream Newsweek. That year, but to the fleeting glory of the olympic games, four men went head-to-head for the right to compete for gold as the United States’ single sculler, an honor that would lead not to lucrative endorsement deals, and the satisfaction of ranking supreme among their competitive community of oarsmen.

Determined to understand these athletes of a seemingly bygone era, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author David Halberstam chronicles their bravery and obsession, delivering a dramatic human story, buzzing with adrenaline, about the lengths to which athletes will go to prove their mettle and compete on the highest level.

This ebook features an extended biography of David Halberstam. In 1984, rowing was a sport continually relegated to the margins, far from the spotlights attracted by other Olympic events.

The Jordan Rules: The Inside Story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls

With more than a million copies in print, and available for the first time as a new and improved eBook, "The Jordan Rules" remains the ultimate inside look at one of the most legendary teams in sports history. The new york times bestseller, revealing for the first time michael jordan's relentless drive to win anything and everything, Now in eBook Format and Updated With a New IntroductionThis is the 20th anniversary of the explosive bestseller that changed the way the world viewed one of the greatest athletes in history, at any cost.

Nba hall of fame columnist sam smith had unlimited access to the team and its players during their championship 1991-92 season, the media, and the reaction from Michael, which he details in the new introduction, along with candid revelations about his sources, his teammates, and the fans when the book blasted onto the bestseller lists in 1992 where it stayed for three months.


Babe: The Legend Comes to Life

Who was the real babe ruth? relying on exhaustive research and interviews with teammates, and friends, family members, historian Robert W. Creamer separates fact from fiction and paints an honest and fascinating portrait of the slugger. This is the definitive biography of a man who was, in legend and in truth, the best who ever lived.

The definitive life story of the legendary Yankee slugger: “The best biography ever written about an American sports figure” Sports Illustrated. But for a man like the babe, for whom the phrase “larger than life” seems to have been coined, those millions of words have created a mythologized legacy.

Nearly a century has passed since george Herman Ruth made his major league debut, and in that time millions of words have been used to describe baseball’s greatest hero.

Lyndon: An Oral Biography

No secret remains. Miller allows his posse of turncoats—336 in all, myself among them—to lead him to the Johnson few ever knew: at his best, magnificent; at his worst, outrageous. Horace busby, the washington post   “The domestic triumphs and the Johnson style come across like the Fourth of July .

 .  . This is lyndon johnson true, lunging through life, ranting, raving, ’ flogging system, pouring ‘every ounce of his energy’ into whatever he did, shouting, ‘screaming at the universe, staff and self to achieve what others pronounced unachievable .  .  . The bestselling author of plain Speaking crafts a candid portrait of one of the most complex, difficult, fascinating, and colorful American presidents.

Page-by-page, this is the low-down up to the Presidency—and one long book that never flags. Kirkus Reviews. From his birth in 1908 to his death in 1973, the story of Lyndon B. Johnson is told without sparing his personal excesses and contentious public image—while also highlighting the strength of his greatest accomplishments in Washington.

Interlaced with interviews from Lady Bird Johnson, John Kenneth Galbraith, J. William fulbright, Larry O’Brien, Hubert H. Humphrey, and hundreds of others, Miller provides an extensive and objective image of the life of LBJ.

The Education of a Coach

He uncovers what makes Bill Belichick tick both on and off the field. A pulitzer prize-winner for his ground-breaking reporting on the Vietnam War, Halberstam wrote more than 20 books, almost all of them bestsellers. More than 6 years after his death david Halberstam remains one of this country's most respected journalists and revered authorities on American life and history in the years since WWII.

In this groundbreaking book, the education of a COACH, David Halberstam explores the nuances of both the game and the man behind it. His work has stood the test of time and has become the standard by which all journalists measure themselves. Bill belichick's thirty-one years in the NFL have been marked by amazing success--most recently with the New England Patriots.