Marjorie Morningstar

Back Bay Books - This unforgettable paean to youthful love and the bittersweet sorrow of a first heartbreak endures as one of Herman Wouk's most beloved creations. Released from the social constraints of her traditional Jewish family, and thrown into the glorious, colorful world of theater, Marjorie finds herself entangled in a powerful affair with the man destined to become the greatest-and the most destructive-love of her life.

Rich with humor and poignancy, Marjorie Morningstar is a classic love story, one that spans two continents and two decades in the life of its heroine. A starry-eyed young beauty, marjorie morgenstern is nineteen years old when she leaves New York to accept the job of her dreams-working in a summer-stock company for Noel Airman, its talented and intensely charismatic director.

Marjorie Morningstar - Back Bay Books.

The Caine Mutiny: A Novel

Back Bay Books - Back Bay Books. In the intervening half century, has sold millions of copies throughout the world, The Caine Mutiny has become a perennial favorite of readers young and old, and has achieved the status of a modern classic. The novel that inspired the now-classic film the caine mutiny and the hit broadway play the caine mutiny court-Martial Herman Wouk's boldly dramatic, upon its original publication in 1951, brilliantly entertaining novel of life-and mutiny-on a Navy warship in the Pacific theater was immediately embraced, as one of the first serious works of American fiction to grapple with the moral complexities and the human consequences of World War II.

Youngblood Hawke

Little, Brown and Company - Sweeping narrative depicting the complications which accompany the phenomenal success of a young novelist from Kentucky Back Bay Books.

The Winds of War

Back Bay Books - Like no other masterpiece of historical fiction, Herman Wouk's sweeping epic of World War II is the great novel of America's Greatest Generation. Wouk's spellbinding narrative captures the tide of global events, heroism, and tragedy of World War II, as well as all the drama, romance, as it immerses us in the lives of a single American family drawn into the very center of the war's maelstrom.

The winds of war and its sequel War and Remembrance stand as the crowning achievement of one of America's most celebrated storytellers. The #1 new York Times bestseller. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books.

War and Remembrance

Back Bay Books - Little Brown and Company. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. These two classic works capture the tide of world events even as they unfold the compelling tale of a single American family drawn into the very center of the war's maelstrom. The multimillion-copy bestsellers that capture all the drama, romance, heroism, and tragedy of the Second World War -- and that constitute Wouk's crowning achievement -- are available for the first time in trade paperback.

Marjorie Morningstar

Kino Lorber - With his new love by his side, Noel decides to make the jump from the world of professional theater to the far more demanding Broadway. She leaves her family and fiancé for a season of summer stock at an east coast resort, Noel Airman Gene Kelly, where she meets and falls in love with a handsome but worldly producer, An American in Paris.

Little Brown and Company. Back Bay Books. Newly mastered in hd from a 4k scan! marjorie morningstar Natalie Wood, Love with a Proper Stranger is eighteen and very beautiful, an innocent young heart eager to explore the excitement of a career in the theater. Immediately attracted to her, he sweeps Marjorie off her feet and into a once-in-a-lifetime love affair.

Marjorie Morningstar - Irving rapper now, voyager directed this beautifully made romantic drama co-starring claire Trevor Stagecoach, Martin Balsam After the Fox, Carolyn Jones The Addams Family, Everett Sloane Citizen Kane, Martin Milner TV s Adam-12 and Route 66, Jesse White Harvey and Edd Byrnes 77 Sunset Strip. Special features: Trailers Back Bay Books.

This Is My God

Back Bay Books - Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. This is my god is herman wouk's famous introduction to Judaism completely updated and revised with a new chapter, Israel at Forty. Little Brown and Company. A miracle of brevity, it guides readers through the world's oldest practicing religion with all the power, clarity and wit of Wouk's celebrated novels.

Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year-Old Author

Simon & Schuster - Little Brown and Company. Among those experiences are his days writing for comedian fred allen’s radio show, one of the most popular shows in the history of the medium; enlisting in the US Navy during World War II; falling in love with Betty Sarah Brown, Marjorie Morningstar, the woman who would become his wife and literary agent for sixty-six years; writing his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, War and Remembrance, The Caine Mutiny; as well as a big hit Broadway play The Caine Mutiny Court Martial; and the surprising inspirations and people behind such masterpieces as The Winds of War, and Youngblood Hawke.

Ultimately, sailor and Fiddler is an unprecedented reflection from a vantage point few people have lived to experience. You’ve traveled. In an unprecedented literary accomplishment, one of America’s most beloved and enduring authors, Herman Wouk, reflects on his life and times from the remarkable vantage point of 100 years old.

Sailor and Fiddler: Reflections of a 100-Year-Old Author - Many years ago, the great British philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin urged Herman Wouk to write his autobiography. Back Bay Books. Wouk responded, “Why me? I’m nobody. Berlin answered, “No, no. You’ve known many people. Written with the wisdom of a man who has lived through two centuries and the wit of someone who began his career as professional comedy writer, the first part of Wouk’s memoir “Sailor” refers to his Navy experience and writing career, the second “Fiddler” to what he’s learned from living a life of faith.

City Boy

Back Bay Books - Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. City boy' spins a hilarious and often touching tale of an urban kid's adventures and misadventures on the street, in school, always in pursuit of Lucille, in the countryside, a heartless redhead personifying all the girls who torment and fascinate pubescent lads of eleven.

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Don't Stop the Carnival: A Novel

Back Bay Books - Little Brown and Company. Hilarity and disaster -- of a sort peculiar to the tropics -- ensue. It's the novel in which the pulitzer prize-winning author of such acclaimed and bestselling novels as The Caine Mutiny and War and Remembrance draws on his own experience Wouk and his family lived for seven years on an island in the sun to tell a story at once brilliantly comic and deeply moving.

Softcover. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books. It's every parrothead's dream: to leave behind the rat race of the workaday world and start life all over again amidst the cool breezes, sun-drenched colors, and rum-laced drinks of a tropical paradise. It's the story of norman paperman, facing the onset of middle age, a New York City press agent who, runs away to a Caribbean island to reinvent himself as a hotel keeper.

The Glory: A Novel

Back Bay Books - As the tale resumes in "the glory, " wouk portrays the young nation once again pushed to the brink of annihilation -- and sets the stage for today's ongoing struggle for peace. Taking us from the sinai to jerusalem, from dust-choking battles to the entebbe raid, Moshe Dayan, and Anwar Sadat, from Camp David to the inner lives of such historical figures as Golda Meir, these extraordinary novels have the authenticity and authority of Wouk's finest fiction -- and together strike a resounding chord of hope for all humanity.

Little Brown and Company. Back Bay Books. In "the hope, " which opens in 1948 and culminates in the miraculous triumph of 1967's Six-Day War, Wouk plunges the reader into the story of a nation struggling for its birth and then its survival. Like no other novelist at work today, Herman Wouk has managed to capture the sweep of history in novels rich in character and alive with drama.

The Glory: A Novel - Softcover. Back Bay Books. Back Bay Books.