How Catholic Art Saved the Faith: The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art

Join those pilgrims now in an encounter with the magnificent artworks of the Catholic Restoration artworks which from their conception were intended to delight, teach, and inspire. How catholic art saved the faith tells the story of the creation and successes of this vibrant, among other great artists, it included Michelangelo, the edgy Caravaggio, and, of course, the theatrical Bernini, the technically perfect Annibale Carracci, the graceful Guido Reni, visual-arts SWAT team whose war cry could have been art for Faith's sake! Over the years, the colorful Barocci, and the passionate Artemisia Gentileschi.

. As they have done for the faith of so many, so will they do for you. You will revel in scores of their full-color paintings. And you will profit from the lucid explanations of their lovely creations: works that over the centuries have touched the hearts and deepened the faith of millions of pilgrims who have made their way to the Eternal City to gaze upon them.

Here you will meet the fascinating artists who formed this cadre's core. Convinced that to win over the unlettered, the best place to fight heresy was not in the streets but in stone and on canvas, they enlisted the century's best artists to create a glorious wave of beautiful works of sacred art Catholic works of sacred art to draw people together instead of driving them apart.

Not long after martin luther's defiance of the Church in 1517, brother turned against brother, dialogue between Protestants and Catholics broke down, and devastating religious wars erupted across Europe. Desperate to restore the peace and recover the unity of Faith, Catholic theologians clarified and reaffirmed Catholic doctrines, but turned as well to another form of evangelization: the Arts.

Each of these creative souls, was a key player in this magnificent, despite their own interior struggles, generations-long project: the affirmation through beauty of the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church.

Beauty: What It Is and Why It Matters

While rejection of god obscures nature s beautywith the help of these pages, architecture, art, and, the beauty of God, you ll receive fresh eyes to marvel again or for the first time at the beauty of nature, music, most importantly, the fountainhead and exemplar of all things on earth that are beautiful.

. We are meant for beauty, and beauty is meant for us. What we moderns have forgotten, draws us to God, the ancients knew well: true beauty heals the soul, and yields lasting happiness. Rich with the wisdom of Plato, Augustine, Aquinas, and St. John paul ii, these pages unpack perennial truths about beauty and rivet them into your soul, opening the eyes of your understanding to the beauty all around us.

Offering an abundance of accessible examples, author John Mark Miravalle demonstrates that beauty is neither in the eye of the beholder, the dreamer, nor for the cultivated, or the hopeless romantic alone. On the contrary, the ability to understand, recognize, and delight in beauty readies all souls for heaven and makes it easier for us to get there.

From these pages, you ll learn:why beauty is not just a matter of opinionThe virtues we need to perceive beauty and to enjoy itHow to determine whether an artwork is truly beautifulThe respective roles of reason and emotion in appreciating beautyHow the beauty of nature testifies to God s existence.

The Day Is Now Far Spent

This self-suffocation naturally leads to a decadence that opens the path to new, barbaric civilizations. In these words, Cardinal Sarah summarizes the theme of his book. The time has come for an unflinching diagnosis. While making clear the gravity of the crisis through which the West has gone, the Cardinal demonstrates that it is possible to avoid the hell of a world without God, a world without man, a world without hope.

After the great international success of his first two books, God or Nothing and The Power of Silence, Cardinal Sarah offers a wide-ranging reflection on the crisis of the contemporary world while teaching many important spiritual lessons. Many countries today ignore their own history. In this powerful book by the acclaimed spiritual leader and best-selling writer, one he calls his "most important", he analyzes the profound spiritual, moral and political crisis in the contemporary world.

He says that he "considers that the decadence of our time has all the faces of mortal peril. At the root of the collapse of the West, there is a cultural identity crisis. The west no longer knows who it is, who established it, because it no longer knows and does not want to know who made it, as it was and as it is.

The day is Now Far Spent. Crisis of faith and of the church, political exhaustion, new ideologies, betrayal by its elites, moral relativism, unbridled capitalism, decline of the West, endless globalism, movements inspired by Islamist totalitarianism.

Roman Pilgrimage: The Station Churches

Along this historic spiritual pathway, today's pilgrims confront the mysteries of the Christian faith through a program of biblical and early Christian readings amplified by some of the greatest art and architecture of western civilization. In roman pilgrimage, art historian elizabeth lev, art, and photographer Stephen Weigel lead readers through this unique religious and aesthetic journey with magnificent photographs and revealing commentaries on the pilgrimage's liturgies, bestselling theologian and papal biographer George Weigel, and architecture.

The day is Now Far Spent. A preeminent scholar of catholicism transports readers to Rome for the traditional station churches pilgrimage, offering a vivid and informative guide to the Eternal City and the Lenten season. The annual lenten pilgrimage to dozens of Rome's most striking churches is a sacred tradition dating back almost two millennia, to the earliest days of Christianity.

. And along that same historical path, typically unexplored treasures-artifacts of ancient history and hidden artistic wonders-appear in their original luster, revealing new dimensions of one of the world's most intriguing and multi-layered cities. A compelling guide to the eternal city, the lenten season, hope, and love is the template of all true discipleship, and the itinerary of conversion that is Christian life throughout the year, Roman Pilgrimage reminds readers that the imitation of Christ through faith, as the exquisite beauty of the Roman station churches invites reflection on the deepest truths of Christianity.

Through reflections on each day's readings about faith and doubt, self-examination and conversion, sin and grace, heroism and weakness, Rome's familiar sites take on a new resonance. Used book in Good Condition.

Catholic Traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Christopher medal in your car? Or why bury a statue of St. Francis statues * bathtub madonnas * holy cards * crucifixes * house blessings * prayer corners * advent calendars * jesse trees * marian apparitions * vestments * icons * divine mercy * the Sacred Heart * The Liturgical Year * Holy Days * Religious Orders * The Holy See * The Roman Curia * The Divine Office * Holy Oils * Genuflecting * Relics * Stations of the Cross * The Sacraments * The Angelus * Litanies * Patron Saints and much more to acquaint you with the many wonderful treasures and traditions of the Catholic Faith! The day is Now Far Spent.

Joseph upside down in your yard when selling your house?In Helen Hoffner's lovingly-illustrated, encyclopedic Catholic Traditions and Treasures, you'll find succinct and sometimes amusing answers to these and hundreds of other questions. Why pray to St. Anthony to find something lost? Why keep a St. Used book in Good Condition.

New converts and cradle catholics alike are often perplexed by the myriad of devotions, practices, traditions, and beliefs that the Catholic Church has accumulated over the past twenty centuries. Catholic traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. This delightful book explains the origin and nature of most of the common traditions of the Catholic Faith, as well as the source and meaning of many of the quaint and obscure ones.

From forty hours to first fridays and from holy hours to holy days, delightful compendium of the Catholic way of life, you'll find in these pages an informative, including information about:Novenas * Penance * Prayers for the Dead * First Fridays * Votive Candles * Religious Medals * St.

A Body for Glory: Theology of the Body in the Papal Collections: the Ancients, Michelangelo and John Paul II

And the dynamic connection between art and theology, explores the mystery of the body, assisted by the teachings of John Paul II, arriving at an understanding of what the glory of the body is. Catholic traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. The text retraces and narrates the habits and customs of ancient peoples, religious cults, Christianity, and artistic ideals: the Egyptians, the Romans, ancient Greece, and Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel.

Used book in Good Condition. The text retraces and narrates the habits and customs of ancient peoples, Christianity, and artistic ideals: the Egyptians, the Romans, ancient Greece, religious cults, and Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. The volume is enriched with color images, with valuable details comparing the many works cited in the text.

The enigma of the body is the theme of this concise volume. The volume is enriched with color images, with valuable details comparing the many works cited in the text. The enigma of the body is the theme of this concise volume. The day is Now Far Spent. And the dynamic connection between art and theology, explores the mystery of the body, assisted by the teachings of John Paul II, arriving at an understanding of what the glory of the body is.


Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know

The new what every catholic should Know series is intended for the average faithful Catholic who wants to know more about Catholic faith and culture. The authors in this series take a panoramic approach to the topic of each book aimed at a non-specialist but enthusiastic readership. Forthcoming titles planned for this series include: literature, mercy, salvation, art, history, music and philosophy.

In literature: what every catholic Should Know, Joseph Pearce provides a survey of literary works of which all Catholics should be aware. Beginning with homer and virgil, dickens, chaucer, Eliot, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, the book progresses chronologically through the greatest works of all time, Chesterton, including Dante, Tolkien and Lewis.

The day is Now Far Spent. Catholic traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. Used book in Good Condition.

Grace and Truth: Twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization

Grace and truth: twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization. Rutler shows you:how to keep your imagination trained on godhow mankind redefines the good to justify its sinsHow you can more effectively witness to the perfection of ChristHow contempt for innocence deadens faith and loveHow beauty can orient us to GodHow the Catholic Church keeps human traditions aliveHow hard times and evil men highlight forgotten truthsHow evil drowns out truth with sentimentalityAnd much more to help you live as a Christian in our difficult days The day is Now Far Spent.

Rutler gracefully tackles a wide range of topics, from the importance of avoiding mediocrity to the role of mothers in passing down tradition. The topics are many, but all serve a common purpose: to show how we can understand and live the Faith in this culture that daily drifts further from the truth. Relying on his decades of experience as a pastor, Fr.

Used book in Good Condition. From one of the most distinctive and perceptive voices in the Church come answers to the most pressing questions of faith in our day. With his trademark wit and wisdom, Fr. George rutler here highlights twenty Catholic teachings that are essential to living an authentic Christian life, showing how the Church s perennial wisdom can remedy the gravest ills of our time.

Fr. Catholic traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia.

Sacred Treasures of Spain

De montfort music/aimhigher recordings proudly announces the sophomore release from The London Oratory Schola Cantorum Boys Choir, of the world-renowned London Oratory choral program. Catholic traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia. Sacred treasures of spain is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2017 debut album of the label arrangement, which Gramophone called “A bright, Sacred Treasures of England, joyful grain .

. The schola cantorum, including the lord of the rings, which has been featured in a number of major motion pictures, present a gorgeous must-have collection of sacred music from the Spanish renaissance on Sacred Treasures of Spain. The day is Now Far Spent. With disarming freshness, ” and which shot to the top ten of the Classical Billboard Charts in both the UK and the US.

Grace and truth: twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization. Used book in Good Condition.

A Layman's Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours: How the Prayers of the Church Can Change Your Life

Used book in Good Condition. Gallagher opens your eyes to this spiritual treasury and shows you how, by means of its sanctifying rhythm, it will help you progress on your spiritual journey. Grace and truth: twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization. A layman's guide to the liturgy of the Hours: How the Prayers of the Church Can Change Your Life.

Gallagher, you'll learn:The basic elements of the Liturgy of the Hours. How to incorporate them into your day, no matter how busy it may be. How the hours will revitalize your daily prayers and prevent them from becoming routine. How they will extend the graces you obtain at Mass into your entire day. How praying the hours with your family will link you more intimately to each other and to the universal Church.

If you're looking to invigorate your prayer life and draw closer to Our Lord in friendship and holy contemplation, discover the Liturgy of the Hours. Soon, you will be among the multitude of Catholics who pray the Hours daily and are richly blessed by the flow of graces these prayers yield. From the wise Fr.

Paul exhorts us to pray without ceasing - a beautiful goal that sounds daunting, even impossible. But wait! these pages break open an authoritative, time-tested method that countless laymen still use today to pray with constancy and thereby soar to the heights of holiness. It's called the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Tigress of Forli: Renaissance Italy's Most Courageous and Notorious Countess, Caterina Riario Sforza de' Medici

In finally losing her lands to the borgia family, she put up a resistance that inspired all of Europe and set the stage for her progeny—including Cosimo de’ Medici—to follow her example to greatness. A rich evocation of renaissance life, The Tigress of Forlì reveals Caterina Riario Sforza as a brilliant and fearless ruler, and a tragic but unbowed figure.

A rich, albeit glittering, and her violent, nuanced portrait of a highly controversial beauty and military leader, Italian Renaissance milieu. Publishers weekly“well-written and meticulously researched, The Tigress of Forlì recreates the world of Renaissance Italy in all its grandeur and violence. Used book in Good Condition.

In this dazzling biography, Elizabeth Lev illuminates her extraordinary life and accomplishments. Raised in the court of milan and wed at age ten to the pope’s corrupt nephew, Caterina was ensnared in Italy’s political intrigues early in life. At the center stands a remarkable woman, Caterina Riario Sforza.

In this insightful, fascinating portrayal, Elizabeth Lev brings Caterina Sforza and her times very much to life. Kathleen turner, caterina riario sforza de’ medici was a true renaissance celebrity, actress and author of Send Yourself RosesA strategist to match Machiavelli; a warrior who stood toe to toe with the Borgias; a wife whose three marriages would end in bloodshed and heartbreak; and a mother determined to maintain her family’s honor, beloved and vilified in equal measure.

Grace and truth: twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization. Following her husband’s assassination, martial strength, she ruled Italy’s crossroads with iron will, political savvy, and an icon’s fashion sense.