Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts

CQ Press - The book provides examples from the areas of human resources management, organizational behavior, budgeting, and public policy to illustrate how public administrators interact with and analyze data. The fourth edition continues to offer a conceptual understanding of statistics that can be applied readily to the real-life challenges of public administrators and policy analysts.

Known for its brevity and student-friendly approach, Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts remains one of the most popular introductory books on statistics for public policy and public administration students, using carefully selected examples tailored specifically for them.

Exercising Essential Statistics

CQ Press - This accompanying workbook gives students the opportunity to practice these techniques through hands-on, carefully crafted exercises. Various examples are provided from human resource management, budgeting, organizational behavior, and public policy to illustrate how public administrators interact with and analyze data.

The workbook′s cd includes seven data sets that cover a range of measures and applications available in SPSS, SAS, SYSTAT, Stata, and Excel. Through the use of critical thinking questions and data-based exercises, Evan Berman and Xiaohu Wang’s Exercising Essential Statistics helps students apply the techniques described in Essential Statistics for Public Managers and Policy Analysts, Fourth Edition.

Research Methods for Public Administrators

Routledge - Research methods for public Administrators introduces students to the methodological tools public administrators and policy analysts use to conduct research in the twenty-first century. New to the sixth edition: sections addressing recent developments in research methods, knowledge questions, including internet surveys and survey data collection by tablet computers Greater focus on qualitative research methods and their strengths and weaknesses relative to quantitative methods Updated study items, homework exercises, such as Big Data and Exploratory Data Analysis Expanded coverage of digital media, and problem assignments for each chapter .

Full of engaging examples and step-by-step instructions to illustrate common research methods and techniques, this book provides future administrators with an unshakeable foundation in model building, research design, and statistical applications.

A Budgeting Guide for Local Government

Intl City County Management Assn - May not include supplements. Normal wear and tear from moderate use.

What is a p-value anyway? 34 Stories to Help You Actually Understand Statistics

Pearson - Drawing on his experience as a medical researcher, Vickers blends insightful explanations and humor, with minimal math, to help readers understand and interpret the statistics they read every day. Describing data; data distributions; variation of study results: confidence intervals; Hypothesis testing; Regression and decision making; Some common statistical errors, and what they teach us   For all readers interested in statistics.

What is a p-value anyway? offers a fun introduction to the fundamental principles of statistics, presenting the essential concepts in thirty-four brief, enjoyable stories.

Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving Fifth Edition

CQ Press - Readers will also appreciate a sample document of real world policy analysis, "out-of-the-box" solutions, suggestions for developing creative, and tips for working with clients. A new section with advice on how to undertake policy design in addition to making policy choices makes the book even more engaging.

Cq press. In the fifth edition of a practical guide for policy analysis: the eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving, Eugene Bardach and new co-author Eric Patashnik draw on more than 40 years of experience teaching students to be effective, accurate, and persuasive policy analysts. This bestselling handbook presents dozens of concrete tips, interesting case studies, and step-by-step strategies that are easily applicable for the budding analyst as well as the seasoned professional.

Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving Fifth Edition - In this new edition, Bardach and Patashnik update many examples to reflect the shifting landscape of policy issues.

Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Strategic Approach

Jossey-Bass - Written by Joan E. Since the first edition was published in 1997, Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations has become the go-to reference for public and nonprofit human resources professionals. Now in its fourth edition, changes in federal employment laws, the text has been significantly revised and updated to include information that reflects changes in the field due to the economic crisis, how shifting demographics affect human resources management, how social media has become embedded in the workplace, the increased use of technology in human resources management practices, and new approaches to HRM policy and practice.

The book includes new material on workplace violence and employee discipline reviews updates on the legal environment of hrm contains suggestions for managing a diverse workforce Offers a wealth of revised tables and exhibits Updates the most recent developments in collective bargaining in the public and nonprofit sectors Outlines the most current approaches to recruitment and selection Presents an overview of recent information on compensation and benefits Gives an update of the technological advances used for strategic human resources management Provides examples of HRM policies from other countries The book also includes an enhanced instructor's guide with examination questions, PowerPoint® slides, experiential exercises, and video vignettes that are coordinated with chapters in the book.

Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations: A Strategic Approach - . Used book in Good Condition. Pynes—a noted expert in public administration—this authoritative work shows how strategic human resources management is essential for managing change in an increasingly complex environment. Cq press.

How to Lie with Statistics

W. W. Norton & Company - Used book in Good Condition. Darrell Huff. Statistions, how to lie. Illustrated by Irving Genis. Cq press. Over half a million copies sold--an honest-to-goodness bestseller darrell huff runs the gamut of every popularly used type of statistic, or the way the results are derived from the figures, the tabulation method, probes such things as the sample study, the interview technique, and points up the countless number of dodges which are used to full rather than to inform.

New york - london 5 6 7 8 9 0 .

Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches

SAGE Publications, Inc - Creswell and J. Creswell and new co-author J. New york - london 5 6 7 8 9 0 New to this edition updated discussion on designing a proposal for a research project and on the steps in designing a research study. Additional content on epistemological and ontological positioning in relation to the research question and chosen methodology and method.

Additional updates on the transformative worldview. Expanded coverage on specific approaches such as case studies, participatory action research, and visual methods. Additional information about social media, online qualitative methods, and mentoring and reflexivity in qualitative methods. Incorporation of action research and program evaluation in mixed methods and coverage of the latest advances in the mixed methods field Additional coverage on qualitative and quantitative data analysis software in the respective methods chapters.

Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches - Additional information about causality and its relationship to statistics in quantitative methods. Incorporation of writing discussion sections into each of the three methodologies. Current references and additional readings are included in this new edition. 1506386709. Used book in Good Condition. Darrell Huff.

The Politics of Public Budgeting; Getting and Spending, Borrowing and Balancing 8ed

CQ Press - David Creswell. Darrell Huff. Creswell and J. Used book in Good Condition. Illustrated by Irving Genis. Statistions, how to lie. John w. By carefully analyzing each strand of the decision-making process, Rubin shows the extraordinary cooperation involved in passing a budget and achieving accountability. Rubin lays out the actors involved–interest groups, legislators, who each have their own goals, and the public–and shines a light on how these groups, public officials, are able to bargain and barter their way to a resolution.

Research Design. 1506386709. Public budgeting is inherently political. In the politics of Public Budgeting, author Irene S. 978-1506386706. As in previous editions, the book also draws on examples from all levels of government and emphasizes the relationships among them. New york - london 5 6 7 8 9 0 Cq press. The new eighth edition examines the budgeting process over time and sets issues like the federal deficit and health care expenditures in political and comparative context.

Politics of the Administrative Process

CQ Press - Darrell Huff. Research Design. 1506386709. Used book in Good Condition. Cq press. Politics of the administrative process shows how efficient public administration requires a delicate balance―the bureaucracy must be powerful enough to be effective, but also accountable to elected officials and citizens. Author don kettl gives students a realistic, relevant, and well-researched view of the field in this reader–friendly best seller.

With its engaging vignettes, the Seventh Edition continues its strong emphasis on politics, rich examples and a unique focus on policymaking and politics, accountability, and performance. John w. Creswell and J. Illustrated by Irving Genis. New york - london 5 6 7 8 9 0 Statistions, how to lie. David Creswell.

Politics of the Administrative Process - This new edition has been thoroughly updated with new scholarship, and case studies, data, events, giving students multiple opportunities to apply ideas and analysis as they read.978-1506386706.