ColdHeat Classic Soldering Tool

ColdHeat 20128CH - Coldheat classic Soldering Tool Heats instantly. Led illuminates work area. Cools in seconds. Uses 4 "aa" batteries not included.

Kester 83-4000-0000 SN60PB40 Solder Pocket Pack, 0.031" Wire Diameter

NTE Electronics, Inc. 83-4000-0000 - An outstanding performance feature of this flux is the "instant-action" wetting behavior. Wire diameter:. 031". Kester 44 rosin flux has virtually dominated the field of activated rosin core solders for well over four decades. Kester 44 rosin flux is an activated rosin formula for use in flux-cored solder wire.

. Core size: 66 3. 3% by weight. Contains: 035 oz. Alloy: 60% tin / 40% Lead. The high mobility and fast-spreading action of this flux results in more reliable production line soldering.

TopCoat F11 Master-Craftsman Polish & Sealer

TopCoat - Spray, 1 2oz. Topcoat f11 is long lasting, extremely hydrophobic easier to use on glass, durable, and gives an intense depth of color and shine. Polished surfaces are extremely hydrophobic water-resistant and create an ideal water repellent on all glass windows/windshields! No mechanical buffing required.

Topcoat f11 also covers up light surface abrasions such as spider-web scratches/swirls. Core size: 66 3. 3% by weight. Alloy: 60% tin / 40% Lead. F11 is made with a non-stick coating technology, designed to significantly reduce weathering, dirt and debris build-up on any surface and is wickedly slick with improved easy-release! Because TopCoat is silicone free, surfaces are not left artificially or dangerously slick.

TopCoat F11 Master-Craftsman Polish & Sealer - Topcoat f11 is made with a water-based formula and does not contain any solvents or abrasive compounds. Travel size topcoat f11 polish & sealer, and out-last any other traditional cleaning, out-perform, and 2 High Quality Microfiber Towels. F11 is created with a water-based, solvents or abrasive compounds.

Maximizes depth of color and shine with minimal effort and takes less than half the time to wax! no need to get out buckets, or cleaning gear; apply this multi-purpose sealer in a simple, RV, brushes, boat, one-step hand application that is quick and effective. Keeps coated surfaces cleaner longer, AND makes it simpler to maintain!

Safe to apply in closed spaces! f11 can also withstand high temperatures and isn't flammable, grills, glass stove tops, making it great for engines, etc.